Coronavirus: Saudia Airlines sets COVID-19 guidelines for travel to Saudi Arabia

Saudia Airlines has set coronavirus guidelines and requirements for travelers arriving in Saudi Arabia amid the COVID-19 outbreak; despite the continued suspension of international flights.

Once air travel resumes, all arrivals will need to self-isolate for seven days in their homes. Health practitioners, however; are partially exempt and will only need to quarantine for three days; if they have a negative PCR test result at the end of the isolation period.

Travelers will have to fill out and sign a health declaration form and submit it to the health control center; upon arrival at the airport.

They must also; download and register the Tatamman and Tawakkalna mobile applications used for COVID-19 monitoring in the Kingdom. Saudia said guestshave to register a home location on the Tatamman application within eight hours of arrival and must submit a daily health assessment as well.

Travelers are also urged to monitor any possible COVID-19 symptoms, including dry cough and fever, and to visit a healthcare center or call 937 if symptoms do appear.

Authorities have not yet set a date for the resumption of international travel to and from the Kingdom. However, Saudi Arabia reopened its land borders in August to citizens and their non-Saudi family members who wish to return to the country.

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