Gulf Cooperation Council Calls on Yemenis to Implement Riyadh Agreement

Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for Arab States, Dr. Naif Al-Hajraf has affirmed the importance of responding to the declaration of the Coalition to Restore legitimacy in Yemen, which stressed the need to restore conditions to their previous state following the announcement of a state of emergency by the Southern Transitional Council and the consequential development of affairs in the interim capital (Aden) and some southern governorates in the Republic of Yemen. He also stressed that any action contrary to the Riyadh Agreement must be eliminated, calling for accelerating the implementation of the agreement that the two sides approved to unify Yemeni ranks, return state’s institutions and counter the threats of terrorism.

Dr. Al-Hajraf expressed his hope that these efforts will contribute to stopping any action that would escalate the situation, and to creating the condition to complete the implementation of Riyadh Agreement which calls for the formation of political competence government and practises its work in the interim capital Aden, stressing that this became more urgent to face economic and development challenges and the threats of novel Coronavirus pandemic, in addition to addressing the impacts of the floods in Aden.

The Secretary General called on Yemeni parties to give priority to the interests of the Yemeni people, and to unify the ranks to achieve the ultimate objective of restoring the state through the political solution based on Gulf initiative, the outcomes of National Dialogue and United Nations Security Council resolution 2216.

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