US, France support Saudi Arabia’s role towards Yemen

The ambassadors of the United States and France to Yemen affirmed their countries’ support for the positive role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards Yemen, its unity, security and stability, and for the efforts made to implement the Riyadh Agreement.

This came during two separate meetings that brought together the speaker of the Yemeni parliament Sultan Al-Barakani in the city of Riyadh today with both the US Ambassador Christopher Hensel and the French Ambassador Christian Testu.

The Yemeni official and Ambassador Hensel valued the positive role of the Kingdom towards Yemen in a manner that preserves its unity, security, stability and territorial integrity and ends the suffering of its people.

The French ambassador to Yemen affirmed his country’s support for the efforts made to implement the Riyadh agreement through what the kingdom is doing to preserve the security, unity, and territorial integrity of Yemen.

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