Saudi Arabia’s Criminal Court announces an alternative date for a hearing against defendant Ayedah Al-Harthy

The Specialized Criminal Court announced that, due to the absence of the accused Ayedah bin Raddad bin Ayedah Al-Harthy, holder of Saudi identity number 1002556338) to appear before the court for a hearing case scheduled on 19/11/1434H. and 25/12/1434 H. and on 27/12/1440 H. respectively, the competent authority of the Court has set Wednesday 24/2/1441H. at 9:30 a.m. as an alternative last date for hearing the case since it was not able to communicate with him as per his residence location registered at the court.

The court hopes the defendant will show up at the court on time. However, if he does not appear, the court will rule on the case in absentia as per paragraph 3 of Article 57 of the Shari’a Legal Procedure and Article 25 of the Terror Crimes and Finance System.

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