Saudi Arabia to Host the World Snooker Championship in October 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host, for the first time in its history, a world snooker championship, next year 2020, according to an agreement between the General Authority for Sports and World Snooker, for a period of ten years.

The Saudi Masters Championships will be held here, during the period 4-10 October next, with a total of prizes amounting to 2.5 million Sterling pounds, where the champions will receive 500 thousand Sterling pounds, which is the same amount of winning the World Snooker Championships, according to what was reported by the private sports website, World Snooker.

The tournament, which includes 128 players, will witness competitions between the players seeded from 65 to 128, in the first round, with the participation of 4 Saudi players, while the 32 winners will face those ranking 33 to 64, then best 32 players will compete, in the third round.

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