Saudi Arabia Starts Next Stages of Easing Curfew amid Planned Precautionary Measures

The next stage of easing the curfew has started in Saudi Arabia amid precautionary measures to ensure the continuity of targeted results towards overcoming the Coronavirus pandemic and avoids any adverse reactions, Al-Bilad, Al-Riyadh, and Al-Yaum newspapers reported.

The papers pointed out that all related ministries announced the health and security regulations that ensure the health precautionary and preventive practice during return to normal life.

The papers said that, over a period of about three months, the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has put the health of society on its top priority, regardless financially considerations, and that were met with high degree of commitment and responsiveness by the citizens and residents. The papers added that Saudi Arabia has recorded a high level of care and support.

The papers concluded that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s experience in combating the pandemic and its challenges represents honorable facts, particularly its pioneering support for global efforts in this direction through its presidency of the G20. The papers added that the next stage requires everyone to commit to the highest levels of self-responsibility to overcome all health risks.

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