Saudi Arabia-India Business Council Roundtable Kicks off

The roundtable of the members of the Saudi-Indian Business Council, presided over by the co-chairmen of the Saudi-Indian Business Council, Eng. Kamil Al-Munjid and his Indian counterpart here today.

The aim of the meetings is to enhance the economic cooperation opportunities between the two countries, highlight the investment opportunities at avail to serve the common development goals of Saudi Arabia and India and to encourage companies, in both countries, to play a bigger role in the development of bilateral relations.

The attendees also discussed the possibility of India entering a strategic partner with regard to the private sector, within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, stressing the need to strengthen cooperation in economic, trade, investment and technological fields such as infrastructure, mining, health, education, agriculture and energy sectors, including renewable energy sources, food security, technology transfer and skilled human resources.

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