Saudi Arabia appoints first labor attaché to the Philippines

The labor attaché of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Republic of the Philippines; Muhammad Bin Obaidullah Al-Mutairi, started his work as the first labor attaché to the country.

The Kingdom’s ambassador to the Philippines Dr. Abdullah Al-Bussairy received him at the embassy headquarters in the capital, Manila; during the opening of the Kingdom’s first labor attaché office abroad.

During the ensuing meeting, they reviewed the functions of the labor attaché and the tasks related to what would help strengthen cooperation; between the two friendly countries to raise the level of efficiency of workers to attract to work in Saudi Arabia. Besides, contributing to the development of recruitment procedures and speeding up the tempo of providing services to the citizens.

This labor attaché is the first of seven attachés, who will soon be operating in several countries; including Egypt, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. As the Kingdom aims to facilitate recruitment of workers for the citizens, to examine the workers and ensure their suitability for the Saudi labor market. Besides, educating the workers on the residency and labor regulations in the Kingdom.

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