Saudi Arabia Affirms its Support for Legitimate Rights of Palestinian People

The Israeli measures to annex lands in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and imposing illegal sovereignty over them are described as violation of international law, United Nations resolutions and international and humanitarian covenants, Al-Bilad newspaper reported.

In this regard, the paper said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reiterated its rejection of any unilateral actions by Israel, expressing it condemnation of violations of international legitimacy resolutions and all that might undermine the chances of resuming the peace process to achieve comprehensive security and stability.

The Kingdom also affirms the steadfast stance in supporting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and their just cause as the central and first cause for Saudi Arabia, Arab and Islamic nation.

The paper added that Saudi Arabia has consistently stood by the Palestinian people and supported their choices and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Saudi Arabia also has reiterated its support for efforts to advance negotiations in accordance with internationally-sanctioned resolutions, aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive solution according to international resolutions and the Arab peace initiative, the paper concluded.

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