Occupancy rate reached 60% in 2018, according to MAS

Tourism Information and Research Centre “MAS” in the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage announces that the occupancy rate of hotels in Riyadh increased by more than 60% in 2018, with an average price of SAR426 per night in room.

The statistics showed that the occupancy rate of hotels in Saudi Arabia during the year 2018, exceeded 68%, with an average price of SAR334 per night for room.

In the same year, the occupancy rate of furnished units reached 64%, with an average price of SAR278 in the units furnished.

In terms of occupancy, five-star hotels topped Saudi Arabia with 88%, followed by four-star hotels by 75%, and three-star hotels by 48%.

In terms of average prices in general, the average price of room per night in five-star hotels exceeded SAR600, in four-star hotels, it reached SAR450, and in three-star hotels, it amounted to SAR355.

The number of hotels in the city of Riyadh until 2019 reached 108 hotels; including only 20 five-star hotels, 43 four-star hotels, and 26 three-star hotels.

The number of rooms amounted to 15974 rooms; including 6095 rooms in five-star hotels, 6,644 rooms in four-star hotel, and 2410 rooms in three-star hotels.

The furnished units were 1292 units; including six units of the first class, 333 units of the second class, and 578 units of the third class.

It is expected that by 2020, a large number of hotels of different categories will be completed with a total investment of SAR143.9bn at a luxury level for international hotel brands.

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