EP police resolved 4-year old murder case; four arrested

EP (Eastern Province) Police have resolved a four-year murder case of a Sudanese national with the arrest of four citizens here on Sunday.

Assistant media spokesman for the Eastern Province Police Capt. Muhammad Al-Dreihim also stated that thorough investigations over four years led to their arrest. The police also claim to have conclusive evidence against the accused.

According to the spokesman; the four involved in a brawl with the Sudanese expatriate over right of way for driving in a Dammam neighborhood on approximately April 16, 2016. After heated exchanges, the accused allegedly stabbed the expatriate, ran over him and fled the scene with his vehicle.

The accused are now in police custody. Regulatory procedures have been initiated against them, before referring them to the Public Prosecution, Capt. Al-Dreihim also said.

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