Arab League to Hold Extraordinary Virtual Session Next Thursday

Arab League to Hold Extraordinary Virtual Session Next Thursday

The Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers will hold an extraordinary virtual session next Thursday to be chaired by the Sultanate of Oman, at the request of the State of Palestine. The session comes to discuss steps and measures that Arab states can take towards the danger of implementing the Israeli plan to annex the West Bank or parts thereof and impose Israeli sovereignty over it and illegal settlements and colonies established on the land of the occupied State of Palestine since 1967, especially the annexation of the Palestinian Al-Aghwar and Area (C) of the West Bank.

The request of the State of Palestine to hold the meeting was supported by a number of Arab countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen and Iraq.

The Assistant Secretary General of the Arab League Ambassador Hossam Zaki said that the foreign ministers will also discuss various ways of providing political, legal and financial support to the Palestinian leadership so that it can confront these Israeli plans and enable the government of Palestine to face the damage caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and the aggressive Israeli measures that caused the Palestinian people more losses, in addition to the confiscation of clearing funds by Israel.

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