Al-Muallami stresses need to confront growing Islamophobia

Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Abdullah Bin Yahya Al-Muallami; stressed the need to protect human rights. Especially in the circumstances the world is currently going through due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

He also expressed his concern about the growing phenomenon of Islamophobia. Besides, the escalation of hate speech against Muslims in some regions of the world. Al-Muallami called for the need to address practices of discrimination and racism against Muslims. In addition to the persecution they face for unreasonable and unacceptable reasons.

Al-Muallami made the remarks in a speech during the recent virtual meeting of the ambassadors of OIC in New York.

Saudi Arabia promotes dialogue

Al-Muallami highlighted Saudi Arabia’s stances in promoting a culture of dialogue among followers of religions; rejecting all manifestations of violence. He said that the Kingdom supports the positions of Islamic countries within the framework of the OIC. This is to reject discrimination and racism practiced against Muslims in some countries of the world; and that their human rights must be safeguarded.

The head of the special political issues committee; and the head of the International Organizations Department of the Kingdom’s delegation Faisal Bin Nasser Al-Haqbani attended the meeting.

Ambassadors of the group also heard a briefing from the permanent representative of the state of Palestine, Minister Riyad Mansour, on the latest developments on the Palestinian issue, highlighting Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territories and the expansionist intentions of the Israeli occupation forces to annex more lands in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, which is a clear violation of the international resolutions, undermining international peace efforts.

The Islamic group also heard a briefing from the permanent representative Pakistan, Ambassador Munir Akram, on the escalation of Islamophobia and hate speech and incitement against Muslims in a number of European countries.

He touched up on incidents of discrimination and racism practiced against Muslims by some extreme right-wing parties in Europe. Especially in light of the crisis brought about by the epidemic.

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